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Find the perfect office space or family home with the help of professional real estate brokerage from Sealy. We are a fully-integrated real estate investment and management company serving Shreveport and surrounding communities since 1946. Whether you are looking for commercial property, industrial land or a multi-family home, our experienced team can help you. We also have in-house capabilities to help real estate owners maximize their investment, including professional property management and leasing, land development and more.

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Sealy has an exceptional team of more than 100 employees. It is our mission to deliver effective and efficient real estate strategies for each client we serve. If you are looking for a commercial property or in need of professional property management services, call us at (318) 317-1275 now! Sealy: Real estate strategies delivered.


  • Established in 1946
  • Fully-Integrated Commercial Real Estate Investment and Operating Company
  • Professional Real Estate Management
  • Recognized Leader in Acquiring and Developing Industrial Properties
  • With In-House Capabilities
  • Exceptional Team of More than 100 Employees
  • Eight Offices to Serve You


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(318) 317-1275

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